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Amethyst Jewelry Buying Guide


Many people have heard of amethyst jewelry but not many people know the significance of amethyst jewelry and why so many people prefer it over all other kinds of precious gemstones. There are a lot of reasons why amethyst is so popular and many of them may surprise you. So check out a very brief […]

Different Types Of Navel Jewelry


Body piercing is not just for punks anymore. People everywhere of every culture and country are into this trend now. Major reason for that might be celebrities, singers and actors adopting body piercing and showing it off on red carpets. Of all the body parts that can be pierced, girls usually go for navel piercing […]

Purchasing Men’s Jewelry


Men’s jewelry has so much multiplicity that it can get hard for men to shop for themselves too. The products you can buy under men’s jewelry are uncountable. Necklaces, rings, wedding bands, watches, bracelets, cufflinks, chains, money clips, case for holding business cards, belt buckles, tie bars, collar stays, buttons and even earrings in silver, […]

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips, And How To Beat The Rush

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Every year the same thing happens to millions of people. They forget or put off their Christmas shopping until the last minute. Thus, they are left battling people for the last of the stuff on the store shelfs. However, if does not have to be like this if you think ahead. There are a few […]

JewelryAdviser Coupon Code 2009

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Coupon Code: XMAS – 10% off – *Offer expires January 1, 2009 – JewelryAdviser offers some of the best value jewelry on the internet. You will be amazed at the great value unique jewelry available. The JewelryAdviser collection has received some wonderful reviews and customers just keep coming back!