Amethyst Jewelry Buying Guide

Many people have heard of amethyst jewelry but not many people know the significance of amethyst jewelry and why so many people prefer it over all other kinds of precious gemstones. There are a lot of reasons why amethyst is so popular and many of them may surprise you. So check out a very brief history of amethyst jewelry and an explanation as to why so many people are willing to pay that extra dollar to get their amethyst jewelry over all other kinds. The end result may surprise you and some of the facts and things you will learn may change the way you look at amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst Drop Earrings

People find many different reasons to prefer one kind of jewelry over another. For some people there is a great sentimental value in the jewelry they choose and there is a lot of personal history as well. Sometimes a gemstone is so deep in a particular culture that it is almost mandatory that all involved in that particular culture must purchase that particular stone. Amethyst jewelry is very popular and there are many reasons why so many people prefer amethyst. For one thing amethyst is unique with its coloring. If you get the right amethyst stone you can get a very deep and beautiful purple color that you cannot get with any other gemstone. A clean and clear amethyst has a light look to it that can really do some spectacular things to the natural light that passes through it. Amethyst is also very easy to obtain and very easy to cut which makes the resulting jewelry relatively inexpensive compared to other gemstones. When someone can get that beautiful stone for a price that is far below the cost of a diamond or some other kind of precious gemstone then they will usually take that choice.

Amethyst Ring

For some people choosing amethyst is a little more than just a beautiful look or personal preference. Amethyst is one of the first precious gemstones used by man in jewelry and for various other reasons. Down through the ages amethyst was thought to cure disease, scare off demons, and bring good luck to the people that wore it. Monarchies all over the world would put amethyst stones in their crown jewels and Popes were known to include amethyst as well in their official robes.

So amethyst has a history that not many other gemstones have and it is because of this rich history that amethyst has been able to be assimilated into so many religious cultures and other forms of culture as well. People living in countries where the monarchy has worn amethyst for centuries are more apt to want to display amethyst in their personal collection.

Amethyst Dangle Earrings

So while amethyst may not be the most expensive gemstone on the market it is a gemstone with a very rich and long history that reaches back through many civilizations and across many centuries. For some people wearing amethyst is a chance to wear a beautiful gemstone at a price they can easily afford and can easily be cut into whatever shape they need. For others amethyst represents a link to their past either through their heritage or through their religion. Either way the amethyst gemstone has been a part of the history of man for many centuries and with its continued popularity with gemstone buyers today there is no indication that the popularity of amethyst will wane any time soon.


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