Be Cautious of Expensive Emerald Jewelry

Nowadays more and more designs of jewelries are coming to the fore, which never did happen in the past, enabling the clients with better options to select. For this if your daughter’s marriage is in the next month and you are looking for her best jewelry, you can give her an expensive emerald jewelry. Again, if your 25th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, you can also consider getting her expensive emerald jewelry for this special occasion. But before any such act, be very clear that your budget is handsomely appropriate to cope with the expense. Now you may enquire why emerald is so expensive. Behind this there is an age old belief that an emerald symbolizes serenity of spirit and of mind and has a great competence to change the destiny.

Diamond Emerald Pendant

Well, as far as the expensive emerald jewelry is concerned it will be wrong to suppose that this high price is a product of the present age. On the contrary, the price and significance of emerald has always been high and even from time immemorial. For you, in this respect, it is essential to know that the very word emerald emanates from the Greek word “smaragdos,” which means “green stone”. This very stone has always been considered to be a holy stone and is believed to be one of the gemstones found in the breastplate of Aaron. In addition, all the way through history, different races have been fascinated by emeralds including the Egyptians, Incas, and Spanish and this fascination continues to the present time.

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The best specimen of this enchantment is the expensive emerald jewelry that is getting more and more appreciation with the passing of years. For this reason in the present age the aspiration for expensive emerald jewelry is higher than that was in the past, and is considered as one of the best gifts for women. However at the same time it is also true that it is indeed an arduous task to identify a very good piece of emerald jewelry as high-quality emeralds happen to be very rare and many emeralds are perceived to contain bubbles or inclusions. For this there is the need of an experienced person, or else in the name of emerald jewelry you shall be duped. But you should at least know that the value of an expensive emerald jewelry depends above all on its color, on how green it is. The greener the emerald, the more valuable and expensive it is. There is not at all any effect of the bubbles on its value; it is the color that is the sole determining factor of the worth of the emerald.

As you have learnt that the situation is very grim, so while buying any such expensive emerald jewelry it is your duty to carefully check the stone since a lot of fake emeralds are being sold in the market. For that reason, when you are ready to pay the apposite price for the expensive emerald jewelry it is safer to buy from a high-quality jewelry store to avoid buying these fake emeralds. Besides you should also look for the GIA certificate or the appropriate certificate issued by the concerned government authority that will assure you of the authenticity of the emeralds.

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Along with this check the stones from all angles and the color as well. Never forget that the greener the stone is, the more valuable it is. Although emeralds are rarely perfect, check for bubbles, inclusions or other flaws. Lastly, there should be no scratches or flaws on the stone’s surface.



  1. Isabelle Johnson
    Posted March 3, 2010 at 3:16 pm |

    I just love anything green… If we are not talking about green shirts and green hospital wardrobes, then I don’t know what else to wear. Opening my closet you’ll see a sea of green. And the natural order when it comes to jewelry would be – no surprise here – green! My favorite is a James Allen Emerald and Diamond 14k White Gold Pendant. It goes well with my fromal dresses… which are, you guessed right- green.

  2. Shopper
    Posted July 19, 2010 at 1:00 am |

    Emerald is one of my favorite gemstones. The jewelry you have shown here is simply stunning. I found this site extremely informative. My favorite hue in my wardrobe is green such a restful palette to work with and compliment. Wouldn’t mind adding the beautiful necklace to my collection. Thanks.