Body Jewelry Plugs

Piercings and body jewelry has never been so popular. This type of accessorizing of the body is becoming more accepted each year. When it was unheard of a decade ago, now you will even see CEO’s with an ear piercing. There are lots of different types of body jewelry; however we will be discussing the details of body jewelry plugs. We’ll take a look at your choices when it comes to plugs, since these can be made from many different materials. We’ll discuss what the benefits and any possible cons to each type of body jewelry plug so that you can make a good choice.

Piercing Plugs

Since body jewelry comes in many different materials, some better than others and also because body jewelry plugs are very popular, we will take a look at your choices. Once you know about the different types of materials that body jewelry plugs comes in, you can see which option will work best for you.

Body Jewelry Plugs and Tunels

Sometimes, when people think about flash plugs and other types of body jewelry, the only thing that comes to mind is stainless steel. This is because is very extremely popular and a very safe material to use. However, there are some people who are allergic to very small amounts of Nickel that are in the stainless steel and for this reason, they may need to look at other choices.

There are many types of stainless steel but the only kind that is right for body jewelry plugs is 316L and 316LVM. The reason is that it is made a bit different than other kinds and is very safe for most people to use. This material works very well in keeping air about of the metal and that is important when it comes to body jewelry plugs. Even people who are allergic to Nickel can usually wear the 316L or the 316LVM because the Nickel is not in a place where it touches the person’s body or tissues.

There are some people who simply love gold and wonder if they can have gold body jewelry plugs. When it comes to body jewelry, the only kind of gold that is right is at least 14 karats and for piercings hat are not completely healed yet or if you are unsure, it is best to opt for 18 karat gold. It is important to be careful to not use body jewelry plugs that are just gold plated, because that plating is very thin and will wear away very fast. In many cases, when a person is allergic to gold a good alternative is to opt of white gold. The reason is because it is made with a material called palladium and helps protect against reactions. It’s not a good idea to use pink gold for body jewelry plugs, because it has too much copper in it.

Flesh Tunnels

Titanium is another option for body jewelry plugs. This is a very light, but strong metal. When you use titanium for body piercing plugs, it is the exact type of 6Al4V, 136 grade, that should be used. This is a great material for body jewelry plugs, because the body does not often reject it and for that reason, this is what is used for surgical implants.

There is also the option of glass body jewelry plugs, however even though glass looks really nice you should remember that it can break very easily and is not really meant for long wear. It is just meant to use once in a while when you want to change up your look.