Diamond Body Jewelry

The person who wears a piece of diamond body jewelry has the ability to make a statement. With luck he or she can make lasting statement. Yet the impact of that statement depends to some extent on the quality of the diamond that’s been set into the jewelry. Not every expert on diamonds is familiar with body piercing jewelry. Not all those with an extensive knowledge of body jewelry have an intimate familiarity with diamonds. The following article is intended to help those jewelry shoppers who fall into that second category. The writer wants to help those shoppers locate jewelry with top-quality diamonds.

Diamond Heart Belly Ring

The online literature about diamond body piercing jewelry suggests that such jewelry makes a statement. Yet that literature fails to offer much useful information about determining the quality of a diamond. This article hopes to rectify that omission. It intends to share with online jewelry shoppers some valuable information about the gem that is found in diamond body jewelry.

One way by which a shopper for diamonds can ascertain the quality of the gems that he or she examines concerns the smoothness of each diamond. A well-polished diamond has smooth facets. A well-polished diamond can be classed as a quality diamond. A diamond can be smooth, regardless of the direction of the cut on that diamond.

Diamond Labret Piercings

Most diamonds have a traditional cut. On most diamonds, each facet mirrors some other facet on that diamond. On most diamonds, one large round facet is surrounded by a circular collection of smaller facets, and those facets copy the design of tiny buds on a flower.

A customer looking at diamond body jewelry might decide to have something with a traditional diamond. Yet such a customer might also be able to find body jewelry with an emerald cut diamond. The light from such diamonds often takes an unexpected path.

The quality of a diamond can not be judged by studying the cut on that diamond. Still, a quality diamond should have the sort of symmetry that one associates with a diamond. If a piece of body diamond jewelry were to have an asymmetric diamond, then the light from the gemstone might fail to reach the eye of those who will be looking at that same stone.

Not everyone who shops for some diamond body jewelry feels qualified to assess the polish or cut on a diamond. Yet almost everyone who looks at diamond body jewelry in a real or virtual store can read. The shopper should look for a diamond with a label that shows that it has been “hand picked”, “hand set” and “hand polished”.

Diamond Navel Ring

Finally, those who plan to purchase a piece of diamond body jewelry should realize that diamonds come in a range of colors. Some jewelers use colorless diamonds in their diamond body jewelry. Others use light yellow diamonds. The person who plans to buy some body jewelry, jewelry that’s been inset with a diamond, inset should think about what color best matches his or her skin color.

Someone with very pale skin would probably not care to have some body jewelry with a colorless diamond. Someone with darker skin should seek to accentuate the contrast between his or her skin and the whiteness of the diamond. Yet a search for diamonds of any particular color should not obliterate the shopper’s attention to the quality of the diamond.



  1. Posted March 26, 2009 at 5:12 am |

    Very helpful for those first time shoppers. Body jewelry definitely can say a lot about who you are.

  2. Jackson
    Posted October 31, 2009 at 12:02 pm |

    Diamonds are a symbol of love. It is precious but wins heart. It’s jewelry looks very attractive rather than gold and silver.