Hello Kitty Nurse Scrubs

Sometimes a child has a grandparent with a chronic medical condition. In that case, the child must learn to accept the physical limitations of his or her grandparent. A parent might want to offer such a child a pair of Hello Kitty nurse scrubs, as that child is asked to adapt to the needs of the chronically ill grandparent. Suppose, for example, that a little girl had a grandfather with diabetes. That little girl would need to hold-off on giving her grandfather cookies or candy. A parent making that request might want to provide her daughter with a way to be a make-believe health professional.

Hello Kitty Nurse Scrub

About three years ago, while taking a writing course, the author of this article needed to create a story about a 10 year old girl. Before writing that story, the writing student visited a store that featured Hello Kitty products. The writer did not see any Hello Kitty nurse scrubs at that store, but she did find Hello Kitty pillows, Hello Kitty calculators, Hello Kitty diaries and even a Hello Kitty yoga mat in that small shop at the local mall.

Less than a year later, that same writer became a grandparent. Now that writer has a two year old granddaughter. Now that writer has begun to wonder when her granddaughter might express a desire for a pair of Hello Kitty nurse scrubs.

A pair of Hello Kitty nurse scrubs would seem like the perfect thing to wear for Halloween. The grandmother/writer must now watch for the signs that her granddaughter is ready to “be” a nurse on Halloween night. The grandmother/writer knows that last year her granddaughter dressed as a princess.

What is that two year old girl going to “be” this coming Halloween? The girl’s grandmother has not heard what her costume will be. Yet that grandmother would not be surprised to see her granddaughter dressed as a ballerina. Recently the writing grandmother has thrilled her granddaughter by showing her a few ballet moves.

The grandmother who visited the in-mall, Hello Kitty store once dreamed about being a nurse. She remembers forming that dream when she was four or five years old. Perhaps that woman’s granddaughter would be thrilled to receive some Hello Kitty nurse scrubs after she has attained the age of four or five.

Of course, a good Halloween costume would need more than a simple pair of scrubs. A good nurse costume should include some of the tools that are used by the typical nurse. A parent or grandparent could probably not find a nurse’s kit at a Hello Kitty store. A parent or grandparent would need to visit a toy store, in order to find the sort of kit that would add to the authenticity of a make-believe nurse costume.

Hello Kitty Nurse Scrubs

Now that the term “make-believe” has been introduced to the reader, this writer’s view of Hello Kitty scrubs should end with a few words about attempts by children to “play make-believe.” Such attempts begin at a very early age. The grandmother/writer can remember dressing as a cowgirl. She can recall being in her backyard, and trying with friends to recreate the sort of scene that played out in a TV western.

The grandmother/writer has not forgotten how she used to enjoy walking around in her mother’s heels. The grandmother/writer knows that her granddaughter loves to pretend that she is putting on make-up. All children love to play make-believe.

A grandmother enjoys encouraging a grand child’s love for make-believe play. In view of that fact,, a grandmother with a two year old granddaughter would seem to have the perfect reason for buying some Hello Kitty nurse scrubs.

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