How To Choose Piercing Needles

When trying to figure out how to choose piercing needles, you should look for a reputable company either on line or in your local area. These needles should come either as disposable or ones that can be autoclaved or sterilized over a period of time. Choosing needles can be very important to your practice because you don’t want any problems with infections or contamination of any kind. Once you know how to choose piercing needles, you can submit your orders depending on the guage and style you need. It will also depends on what types of piercings you are doing and what they require.

Piercing Needle

Piercing needles can be purchased from many reputable companies. The best thing to do is research your many options on line. You can also speak to other piercing companies and ask them who they might recommend. You want high quality needles at the lowest price. You also need to find out about cleaning equipment if you plan to reuse the needles. Most people will suggest using the disposable needles, because they will be used only once.

Piercing Needle Photo

The one thing that might scare some of your customers is the size of the piercing needle. These are specialized needles and are much bigger than just your plain sewing needle. To figure out the guage size, the smaller the number, the bigger the needle. There are small guage needles from 12 to 19. They usually cost around $3-5 each. The large size guage runs from 8 to 10. They are around two inches long. There are also piercing needles that are concave and tapered. These tapers come in guage sizes from 00 to 18. The needles will cost you $15-19 each. There is a complete set you buy as well. The set runs anywhere between $135-140. These needles are around three inches long.

These types of piercing needles were made this way to alleviate as much pain as possible. Keeping your needles sharp and well-pointed will help with that. Being made of surgical steel will also help in your strive for a pain free experience for your customers. Surgical steel is used because it is hypoallergenic and can be kept sharp. If your piercing needles are not kept sharp, it will cause pain and also tear the skin when you push it through.

Long Piercing Needle

Find piercing needles that are hollow. These types of needles tend to leave a nice clean hole in the skin, and they heal very quickly. Many piercers prefer these to a regular needle that others may use. They just give a better piercing, and they don’t have to twist and pull to get the needle through the skin. They also don’t cut as big a hole as the dull ones would either. This will also save with healing time.

Look around at all your options and choose piercing needles that fit your style and what kind of piercings you decide to do in your practice. Check out other locations and see what the trends and popular piercings are at the present time. Ask questions and find out how they got started. Ask about their equipment and where they purchase it. Many times, the piercing shop owners are the best person to talk to because they will be the ones to make the decisions for the business. They are a wealth of great information.