How to Pick Sunglasses for Men?

Sunglasses. Who needs them? Everyone, of course! Because the sun emits harmful rays that can permanently damage eyes, protecting them with sunglasses is your best defense. Sunglasses can offer a host of other benefits as well. Lenses can be specially crafted for outdoor sports fanatics, to reduce sun glare or to be purely cosmetic. Mens sunglasses offer a way to enhance a man’s facial features, ensuring a functional and attractive accessory.

Mens Sunglasses

Mens sunglasses are offered from a variety of brand name manufacturers, giving consumers a price range as varied as the choice in styles. It’s finding the pair that’s right for you that will be the hard part. To help narrow your choices, keeping in mind the following tips can help consumers make an educated choice.

  • Determine your price range. If you’re the type of man that is always losing or breaking your sunglasses, or if you are on a tight budget, then price range may be a critical factor in deciding how much you want to spend. You don’t want to be continually replacing lost designer mens sunglasses, so a lower price range may be right for you. Buying designer knock-offs is a way to get the look without busting the budget.
  • What are you using them for? If you participate in a lot of outdoor sports, then mens sunglasses that are specifically designed for sports are a great choice. They fit snugly and securely, wrapping around the ears so they don’t fall off in the middle of a run or a volley ball game. Different features make them more suitable for different activities. While amber or rose colored glasses enhance shadows on a ski slope, alerting you to bumps and inconsistencies, frameless glasses that are fog resistant and polarized are a great choice for runners.
  • How good do they look? Remember to choose a frame that compliments your facial features. Thinner faces will be overtaken by mens sunglasses that are too large or have a heavy-looking frame. Metal frames have a more sophisticated appeal, while plastic lenses will look more casual. Bringing along a trusted and honest friend can help you find the look that best suits you.

Choosing mens sunglasses is a highly individual choice. Even if you are wearing them just for show, be sure to look for lenses that block out 99-100% of UVA and UVB light. These are the most influential sun factors causing eye damage. You’ll feel every bit as smart as you look when you combine style with protection.