Judaica Jewelry

Judaica jewelry is beautiful and significant, which is part of what makes it so popular. Every different ring, pendant, and symbol has special meaning in terms of history and religious sentiment. There are plenty of extravagant details to love about these pieces, no matter what you might be purchasing. This jewelry is increasing in popularity among Jewish families and individuals because of its beauty and symbolism that makes it so outstanding to wear and show off to everyone. The Star of David, also known as the Shield of David, is the most popular piece in this category, and represents historical and religious significance in many aspects.

Judaica jewelry

This symbol of Judaica jewelry is rooted in the sense of community and protection that is derived from the star by those of Jewish faith. Another popular symbol is the Hamsa, which is another protective symbol. This one is shaped by a distinctive hand that represents the number five. When this piece is worn, it is said to protect against the ‘evil eye’ entering the wearer, avoiding issues like jealousy and pride. Another very popular piece is the Mezuzah, which is a great piece of jewelry because of its symbolism of joy, safety in the heart, and protection. These pieces are typically found hanging beside doorways in Jewish homes, and make great jewelry pieces as well.

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Judaica jewelry offers something for just about everyone. All the history and culture that this jewelry reflects is seen in every single piece, allowing you to get all the significance that you want out of your gift or your own personal purchase. You can find the best piece for any occasion when you know what you are looking for. Of course, you can also find many different gifts and ideas for purchases for others, depending on the symbolism that you want to offer as a personal sentiment.

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The best selection of Judaica jewelry can be found online, where you will get access to so many different styles and types of jewelry that you might not be sure where to start. Everyone has different tastes and your local community might not be able to give you the best selection for your needs. Be sure to check out online shops and see just what you can find when it comes to Judaica jewelry for your next gift or personal purchase. No matter what type of history or symbolism you seek, there is a piece out there for you.