Paying For Diamond & Ruby Rings

A billboard in Los Angeles contains this statement: “The red carpet looks better in blue.” It is an advertisement for a credit card. One usually needs a credit card, when one wants to purchase diamond and ruby rings. So, are those who walk on the red carpet wearing such rings?

Information in the March 24 issue of OK Magazine does not disclose the popularity of diamond and ruby rings, but it does indicate that “crimson lips” are now a “must have” for many of the women who walk on the red carpet. One article in that March issue provides some details about red-colored lipstick.

Diamond Ruby Floral Ring

According to one woman quoted in that article, “When women want to look glamorous they put on a red lip.” Examples of the red lipstick on Hollywood’s female faces makes one fact clear: such lipstick does not always mirror the color of a ruby. Some women walk down the red carpet wearing a lipstick that is paler than a ruby. They might wear the hues known as Slimshine, Lipsheer or Runway Red. Other women strut down the same red carpet with lips that take-on the color of a ruby. Such women might wear a lipstick called The Balm or Colour Riche. Alternatively, they might wear either a Therapy Systems Lipstick or a Beverly Hills Lipstick.

Diamond Ruby Ring

A third group of female celebrities has chosen to wear a lipstick that is darker than a ruby. Some paint their lips with a stick that has a name such as “Lip Lingerie” or “Glamour.” Others prefer to use either the Mary Kay Creme Lipstick of the Beverly Hills Lipstick.

Do any celebrities wear diamond and ruby rings with their red lipstick? The article in OK Magazine does not provide an answer to that question. It does contain information about the clothes that look best on a woman who’s wearing red lipstick. According to that article, “Red lips look best with a navy outfit or an all-white dress.” Perhaps those are also the clothes that are favored by any celebrities who happen to wear any of the diamond and ruby rings.

While a diamond and ruby ring adds color to any outfit, the ring wearer wants others to see more than just the redness of the ruby. The ring wearer also wants others to admire the diamonds in that same ring. For that reason, someone buying a diamond and ruby ring must pay attention to the quality of the diamonds.

Gold Diamond Ruby Ring

How can someone buying a ring be sure that its diamonds are of the best quality? First, the purchaser of the ring must study the polish on the diamond. Each diamond should be smooth. Each diamond should have facets that correspond to a diamond with a traditional cut.

In addition, a quality diamond has an expected symmetry. It has not been given facets that send light in oblique and peculiar directions. The facets of each diamond should direct light into the eye of whoever is looking at the same diamond.